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You have the opportunity to provide your first name and last initial if you wish, but this is an option, not a requirement.

We are very careful about protecting your personal information. Please see our Privacy Policy for details.

No, we do not violate the privacy of our customers by distributing information about them or their transactions to our hotel partners.

Depending on the review content submitted, you may be contacted by one of our Customer Service Representatives after you post a review.

No, since does not provide the hotel with information regarding our customers and their transactions, the hotel will not know that you posted the review. However, if specific incidents that occurred during the trip are mentioned, the hotel may be able to deduce your identity.

Writing a review allows you to share your knowledge and expertise with other travellers, which helps them make informed decisions when selecting hotels for their next trip.

We post honest and appropriate reviews, both positive and negative, from real travelers. We do not post profane, illicit, or hateful comments, nor information identifying any hotel employee or other individual. We don't post personal messages or responses to other reviews, nor links to Web sites. While we try to leave Guest Reviews in your own words, we reserve the right to edit reviews for length, brevity and clarity.We encourage you to read submission guidelines before writing the review.

Please see the guidelines listed above.

You can write and submit your review anytime within one (1) year following the completion of your hotel stay or visit.

Guest Ratings are hotel reviews written by customers who have recently stayed at the hotel, just like you. These reviews are based solely on customer opinions and do not reflect the official position of; nor do we endorse the information contained within these reviews.

It is an average of all reviews received for the hotel.

It is an average of all reviews received for the hotel. displays the most current reviews for the hotel. If you visit the informational pages for the hotel you reviewed, you may see it displayed under "Reviews" or you will easily see it under the search results of that particular hotel.

The lowest score is 1 star and the highest score is 5 stars.

Not necessarily, you could have just visited the hotel and patronized their facilities, but not necessarily book and stay at the hotel in order to be eligible to write a review.

We only display the most current reviews for a hotel.

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