Frequently Asked Questions - Cancellations, Changes and Refunds

When you are completing your reservation request, the cancellation policy of that particular hotel will be provided for you to read. You can also view the Hotel Details page to find the cancellation policy. These policies will vary from hotel to hotel, so you must read each one carefully. In general, Users (or Guests) are subject to a non-refundable N3,000 cancellation fee if at any time a Guest chooses to cancel once a reservation has been confirmed. If a Guest cancels within 72 hours before the date of check in, Guest will be charged a minimum one-night stay, including all applicable taxes and fees. If Guest cancels within 24 hours before the date of check-in, Guest is subject to the cancellation policy of that particular hotel.

Some reservations are non-refundable and non-cancelable after your reservation has been confirmed. Reservations of rooms marked "Best Deals" will attract full charges with no refunds, regardless of the time frame of cancellation

Reservations can not be canceled online. All cancellations must be done through email or calling a Customer Service Representative of

Changes to reservations cannot be made online. If you need to make a change to your hotel reservation, please contact our Customer Support Center at +234 (0)84-553-956 for assistance. Changes to reservations will be subject to a N3,000 change fee. Changes made after check-in are subject to the policies of that particular hotel.

NOTE: You may be required to cancel your original hotel reservation in and rebook it for the new dates. However, we suggest you first check availability for hotel rooms in for the new desired dates in order to avoid any disappointment from canceling your first booking if the new dates are not available.

The general refund policy is to provide refunds upon a Guest cancellation at any time 24 hours prior to the Guest's date of check-in. However, once a Guest reservation is cancelled within 24 hrs before the check-in date, Guest is subject to the refund policy of that particular hotel. Please note that rooms marked as"Best Deals" are non-cancelable, hence, not refundable.